Stephen's PV System

Stephen works in the construction industry, so he knew to contact us when he was ready to go solar.  He asked us to put as many solar PV modules on his house as physically possible - and we did!  This whopping 32 panel system now delivers a huge chunk of Stephen's electricity, which is just fine by him!

Jim's PV System

Jim is one of those guys who knows a lot about building construction and maintenance, so when he decided to go solar he knew that he could depend on the quality installation services offered by Doctor Solar.  We worked with Jim to design a 7.8 kW system that would be practical and visually attractive.  Now, Jim can bask in the sun while the savings roll in!

Hope Blooms Community Greenhouse

Hope Blooms community garden is a volunteer-run project located on Brunswick St. in the north end of Halifax.  In order to keep the garden growing during the harsh Nova Scotia winters, the group needed a greenhouse in which they could grow the herbs used in their signature salad dressings.  As anyone who constructs a new building will tell you, the price of connecting to the Nova Scotia Power grid can be too much to bear, especially if your electricity needs are modest.

Greg's PV Home

Greg has a big home right on top of the north mountain in the Annapolis Valley, and with a big home comes big energy expenses.  We helped Greg slash his energy costs by installing this 7.8 kW photovoltaic system on his sunny home.  Now Greg's new home generates its own power!

Steve's PV Garage

Steve had this beautiful garage on his property that was perfectly situated for a small photovoltaic array. With Doctor Solar providing the expertise to fulfill his vision, Steve was able to turn his garage into a little power plant that helps power not only his workshop but his house too!

John's PV System

John wanted to reduce his environmental impact and save money by installing a solar photovoltaic system on the roof of his house in Halifax.  As a guy with an eye for architectural beauty, John wanted the system to be visually exquisite while performing to the highest standards.  The system we designed and installed for him did just that!

Michael's PV System

Michael cares about the environment, and has devoted a large part of his life towards making his community greener.  After chatting with our solar experts, Michael decided that installing a renewable energy system on his home would be a no-brainer; not only would it help reduce his environmental impact, but it would also pay for itself through the savings he would see on his electricity bills.