Convoy Towers Condominiums

Convoy Condominiums is a 160 unit building located in north end Halifax near the Mackay bridge.  This large building needs to heat over 10,000 litres of water for its tenants every day, requiring huge amounts of energy that cost big bucks.  By installing this 30 collector system featuring three heat exchangers and 8 industrial hot water storage tanks the building is able to take a big bite out of their oil bill.

Villa St Joseph

Nova Scotia is home to a wealth of beautiful old buildings and facilities that have withstood the test of time.  Villa St Joseph is a perfect example.  Originally constructed as a hotel in the 1930s, it has been providing nursing care services to the Yarmouth area since its conversion to a residential care facility for the elderly in 1958.

Aviva's System

Aviva loved her one panel wall-mounted solar hot water system so much, she called us back a few months after we installed it to ask us if it would be possible to add a second panel. Our answer: "Of course!".

One of the great things about solar hot water systems is that you can easily add a second panel to increase the amount of hot water you produce throughout the day.  By doubling up on panels, Aviva now makes about 20% more hot water than with her original one panel system.  Not a bad idea, considering her family is growing!

Terrence's System

Living in the heart of a city means having limited access to physical space, making it difficult to undertake construction projects. Luckily, Doctor Solar can usually install a solar system, even when space is extremely limited.

By utilizing the space under his staircase as the location for the boiler and tanks, he avoided having to install it in his finished, rented basement. By installing the line run externally in a narrow alleyway, we were able to limit its visibility and avoid having to disrupt the interior decor of the house.

Emily's System

Young families have a lot of challenges facing them, not the least of which is keeping up with the monthly energy bills.  After having her first child, Emily began to wonder if there was some way she could cut down on those bills without breaking the bank.  That's where Doctor Solar entered her story.

Sam's System

As a young homeowner, it can be difficult to keep up with the maintenance and financing costs of your first house, especially when you are renting out part of your house to tenants.  After inheriting his parent's home, Sam was looking for ways to cut down on the monthly bills.  

David's System

When David heard about the HRM Solar City program, he knew the time was right to get a solar hot water system.  After raising a family and retiring, David was wondering: what would be the best way to reduce his energy consumption?  With only 2 people living in the house, the answer was to start supplementing his hot water usage with a single thermal panel mounted on  his roof.

Now David makes about 65% of his hot water using nothing but sunlight!

Bedford Institute of Oceanography

This solar thermal project was installed on the Holland Building of the Bedford Institute of Oceanography (B.I.O.) in March of 2012.  The objectives of this project were to reduce the long term costs associated with heating the domestic hot water used by the B.I.O. cafeteria, and to act as a pilot project tool that B.I.O. could use to assess the viability of additional solar thermal projects.