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Hot Water from the Sun!

Imagine stepping into a sun shower every day!  With our solar hot water systems, you can save up to 96% of the energy you use to make hot water by pre-heating the supply to your current hot water system.  For most homeowners the system pays for itself through the savings it generates within 7 years.  Not a bad investment in an era of uncertain power and oil prices!

These systems are tried, tested and true.  Manufactured in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia by Thermo-Dynamics for the past 35 years, the quality of the construction speaks for itself.  In fact, many of the systems that are still  chugging away are almost as old as the company!

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Power your neighbourhood!

Are you tired of paying more and more money to the power company each year for electricity?  Sell electricity to Nova Scotia Power for the same price you pay for it with a solar photovoltaic system and the Enhanced Net Metering program.

Doctor Solar's solar photovoltaic systems are flexible and custom-designed renewable energy solutions to the problems of rising energy costs and energy security.  By getting a system like this, you join a growing number of homeowners who dream of a smart grid future where neighborhoods produce the power that they consume, without the need for power plants that run on fossil fuels.

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