Short on space? No problem!

Terrence's panels
Terrence's boiler
Terrence's line run

Category: Residential Hot Water

Client: Terrence

Tags: residential, hot water, solar city, urban

Date: Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Technology: Hot water

Living in the heart of a city means having limited access to physical space, making it difficult to undertake construction projects. Luckily, Doctor Solar can usually install a solar system, even when space is extremely limited.

By utilizing the space under his staircase as the location for the boiler and tanks, he avoided having to install it in his finished, rented basement. By installing the line run externally in a narrow alleyway, we were able to limit its visibility and avoid having to disrupt the interior decor of the house.

Terrence has an eye for style, and wanted to make sure that the system looked as good as it performed. By maintaining a running dialogue with him throughout the design and installation process, we were able to provide him with a system that exceeded his expectations.