Category: Off Grid

Client: Hope Blooms

Tags: off-grid, community group, photovoltaic, battery, string inverter

Date: Monday, November 9, 2015

Technology: Photovoltaic

Hope Blooms community garden is a volunteer-run project located on Brunswick St. in the north end of Halifax.  In order to keep the garden growing during the harsh Nova Scotia winters, the group needed a greenhouse in which they could grow the herbs used in their signature salad dressings.  As anyone who constructs a new building will tell you, the price of connecting to the Nova Scotia Power grid can be too much to bear, especially if your electricity needs are modest.  When Hope Blooms contacted Doctor Solar to investigate alternatives to connecting the grid, they were happy to discover that we could offer them a small off-grid solar photovoltaic system that would be sufficient to power their lighting needs.  With their off-grid system, Hope Blooms will be able to continue growing delicious produce for years to come without having to worry about paying the power bill!