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Category: Commercial PV

Client: Halifax Regional Municipality

Tags: micro-inverter, Enphase, photovoltaic, commercial, ballasted, racking, monitoring

Date: Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Technology: Photovoltaic

Powering Community

The Northbrook Police Training Centre project represents the largest solar photovoltaic (PV) array that Doctor Solar has designed and installed to date.  The 14.64 kW PV system supplies a portion of the facility's electric power requirements, and also feeds any excess power to the surrounding electric grid under Nova Scotia Power's Enhanced Net Metering program.  The objectives of this project were to reduce the long term electricity costs incurred by the facility while showcasing Halifax Regional Municipality's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint through leadership in the adoption of renewable energy technologies.

The PV array is comprised of 48 individual 305 Watt PD14 solar PV modules manufactured by Trina Solar.  The array is mounted on PR2 ballasted flat roof racking system manufactured by Polar Racking.  Because the array is weight ballasted instead of being fastened to the roof, the project features a design with absolutely no roof penetration points. The array divided into four separate strings of twelve panels each, which feed into a DC combiner box and disconnect switch mounted on the building's roof.  The system features a 12kW Fronius IG Plus string inverter that transforms the DC output of the array to three phase, 277/480V AC power.