Hot water for a condominium

Royalton thermal array at sunset
Royalton thermal array from harbour
Royalton thermal array isometric

Category: Commercial Hot Water

Client: Royalton Condominum

Tags: hot water, commercial, condominium

Date: Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Technology: Hot water

The Royalton Condominium solar thermal array consists of 40 Thermodynamics© commercial hot water heating panels that are ground-mounted at the base of the building.  This 60 unit building was built in 2003, and uses about 5000L of hot water every day.

The system pumps glycol heating fluid through two parallel arrays simultaneously, each array having twenty panels and an independent circulator.  Within each array there are four sub-groups plumbed in series, and each sub-group contains 5 panels plumbed in parallel. The arrays are labeled “East” and “West” to distinguish performance as they are each monitored for fluid temperature independently.

Screenshot from monitoring system: