Solar energy - it's a beautiful thing!

Parker Street at sunset
Parker daylight

Category: Commercial Hot Water

Client: Killam Properties

Tags: hot water, apartment, rooftop, monitoring, commercial

Date: Friday, June 1, 2012

Technology: Hot water

The Parker Street Apartments project represents the largest solar thermal array that Doctor Solar has installed to date.  The objective of this project was to reduce the costs associated with heating the domestic hot water supply that services more than 200 units of this eight floor apartment building.

The Thermo Dynamics commercial solar thermal panels used in this project are divided into two arrays of 50, for a total system array size of 100 panels.  The two array banks are mounted to the east and west sections of the roof on tilted double-tiered steel support structures that were manufactured by Doctor Solar.  The each thermal array provides heated glycol to a dedicated bank of heat exchangers that are located in the rooftop mechanical room.  The system circulates water between twenty 200 gallon storage tanks located in the basement and the heat exchangers on the roof.  The system also features a comprehensive monitoring system that allows Doctor Solar and the building caretakers to track the system status and performance both in real-time and historically.

Screenshot from monitoring system: