Smaller condo fees with solar hot water

Falcon Ridge Condos collectors
Falcon Ridge Condos view of Bedford basin
Falcon Ridge condos construction shot

Category: Commercial Hot Water

Client: Falcon Ridge Condominiums

Tags: condominium, hot water, commercial, thermal

Date: Monday, June 22, 2015

Technology: Hot water

Heat that water

Falcon Ridge Condominiums sits atop a high ridge overlooking the Bedford basin.  Residents enjoy the beautiful view from the 5th floor sun deck, which gets so much sun that it has become quite a popular spot.  It made them think: "What if we could do something with this abundance of sunlight?".  The condo board contacted Doctor Solar soon after to find out what we could do for them.  We proposed a 20 collector solar hot water preheating system to preheat the incoming cold city water before it got boosted to its final temperature by the oil furnace.  This challenging install turned out great, and the residents have been enjoying lower energy costs ever since!