Lead by example with solar energy

CBU thermal array front view
CBU array side view
CBU array parking lot view

Category: Commercial Hot Water

Client: Cape Breton University

Tags: racking, commercial, thermal, university, monitoring, rooftop

Date: Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Technology: Hot water

When Cape Breton University Centre for Sustainability In Energy and the Environment was first being constructed, one of the most important considerations was to demonstrate green building technologies and renewable energy technologies by including them in the facility design.  The planners were looking for a way to lead by example by including solar hot water heating in the building's design.  

After putting out a tender for the work to be done, Doctor Solar was the clear choice to supply and install the solar system they had in mind.  This 20 collector system has been humming along ever since, reducing the facility's carbon footprint and helping them practice what they preach.