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BIO thermal array
BIO thermal array front
BIO tank and exchanger

Category: Commercial Hot Water

Client: Bedford Institute of Oceanography

Tags: commercial, hot water, rooftop, racking

Date: Thursday, March 1, 2012

Technology: Hot water

This solar thermal project was installed on the Holland Building of the Bedford Institute of Oceanography (B.I.O.) in March of 2012.  The objectives of this project were to reduce the long term costs associated with heating the domestic hot water used by the B.I.O. cafeteria, and to act as a pilot project tool that B.I.O. could use to assess the viability of additional solar thermal projects. 

The solar thermal array consists of 10 Thermodynamics© commercial hot water heating panels that are mounted to a custom steel racking structure that was manufactured by Doctor Solar.  The array tilt angle of 45 ° is optimized for year-round efficiency, and faces 45° west of true south.  This solar project also features a monitoring system that allows both Doctor Solar and the building caretakers to view real-time and historical data about the system's operation.

Screenshot from monitoring system: