Our Story

Doctor Solar is a Nova Scotia based solar energy firm that has been installing and maintaining solar systems for over 20 years. After partnering with Scotian Windfields Inc. in 2008, Doctor Solar soon became a wholly owned subsidiary called Scotian Renewables Inc. (SRI). This division maintains the same high quality installation and service standards established by Doctor Solar.

We provide supply, design, installation and maintenance service for a variety of residential, commercial and institutional solar hot water and photovoltaic applications. Through years of experience, we have built a strong team of solar professionals who continue to provide maritimers with the high quality service they have come to expect from the regions top solar company.

 At Doctor Solar, we pride ourselves on our reputation.  That's why we've been Nova Scotia's leading solar installation company for decades.  We offer a full suite of turn-key construction services that make it easy to incorporate solar power into your building's energy mix.


Our detailed design services for solar thermal and photovoltaic systems harmonize efficiency, aesthetics, and economy to make sure that every design we produce is the best one for the application.  We work effectively with other construction service providers and subcontractors to integrate our designs into larger projects, including new construction and renovation.


Our procurement services ensure that our customers get the best value for their dollar when purchasing a solar thermal or photovoltaic system.  Our warehouse is only stocked with components that meet our stringent standards of high quality and cost effectiveness.


Our versatile installation services provide our customers with high quality solar installations, regardless of the practical and logistical challenges some projects entail.  Our team of experienced solar installers are fully NSCSA trained and qualified, and are able to get a quality installation job completed safely and on time.


Our diversity of maintenance services ensures that we are able to provide reliable and long term expert maintenance on solar thermal and photovoltaic systems at both the residential and commercial level.  When integrated with a web monitoring system, we are often able to diagnose and troubleshoot any problems that might arise remotely.

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387 Bluewater Road Unit 4
Bedford, Nova Scotia
B4B 1J7

 Whether you want to give us a phone call or stop into our offices for a quick chat, our team of skilled solar professionals are always available to answer any questions you might have about solar energy.